Counseling and Applied Ed Psyc

CAEP 1280
Introduction to Mindfulness
CAEP 1290
Personal Behavior Change
CAEP 2012
Health Psychology: An Introduction
CAEP 2101
Behavioral Assessment and Treatment of Health Problems in the 21st Century
CAEP 3200
Childhood Adversity and College Attainment
CAEP 3310
Say It Loud: The Black Power Movement and Higher Education
CAEP 3480
Counseling Theories and Practice
CAEP 3485
Mental Health and Counseling
CAEP 3899
Relationships in College
CAEP 5150
Early Intervention: Family Systems
CAEP 5151
Early Intervention: Infant and Toddler Development, Risk, and Disability
CAEP 5153
Early Intervention: Assessment and Intervention
CAEP 6200
Introduction to Counseling: Theory and Process in an Ecological Context
CAEP 6201
Introduction to Assessment
CAEP 6202
Research, Evaluation, and Data Analysis
CAEP 6203
Understanding Culture and Diversity
CAEP 6206
Learning Principles
CAEP 6218
Infant, Child, and Adolescent Development
CAEP 6220
Development Across the Life Span
CAEP 6222
Human Sexuality
CAEP 6235
Vocational, Education, and Career Development
CAEP 6242
Psychopathology: Diagnosis and Treatment Planning
CAEP 6247
Child and Adolesent Psychopathology
CAEP 6250
Individual Interventions
CAEP 6260
Community Counseling Psychology
CAEP 6282
Ethics and Professional Development
CAEP 6283
Brief Therapies
CAEP 6286
Family Counseling Interventions
CAEP 6287
Group Counseling
CAEP 6324
Programmed Learning
CAEP 6326
Behavioral Concepts and Principles
CAEP 6327
Behavior Assessment
CAEP 6328
Single-Case Research Design
CAEP 6329
Service Administration
CAEP 6331
Advanced Learning Seminar 1
CAEP 6332
Advanced Learning Seminar 2
CAEP 6334
Applied Programming Seminar 1
CAEP 6335
Applied Programming Seminar 2
CAEP 6336
Systematic Inquiry 1
CAEP 6345
Promoting Youth Academic Success in Schools
CAEP 6347
Behavior Management
CAEP 6350
Introduction to Cognitive Assessment
CAEP 6352
Personality Assessment
CAEP 6353
Curriculum-Based Assessment and Data-Based Decision Making
CAEP 6354
Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Assessment
CAEP 6360
Consultation and Program Evaluation
CAEP 6365
Seminar in School Psychology
CAEP 6375
Substance Use and Treatment
CAEP 6380
Seminar in Feminist Psychology
CAEP 6394
Advanced Multicultural Psychology
CAEP 6399
Clinical Skills in Counseling Psychology
CAEP 6400
Prepracticum in School Psychology
CAEP 6401
Counseling Children and Adolescents in Schools
CAEP 6402
Promoting Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Success in Schools
CAEP 6999
Practicum Continuation
CAEP 7701
Doctoral Seminar in Counseling Psychology
CAEP 7703
Grant Writing in the Health Professions
CAEP 7710
Advanced Clinical Assessment
CAEP 7711
Measurement: Advanced Psychometric Principles
CAEP 7712
Intermediate Statistical Data Analysis Techniques
CAEP 7716
Advanced Research and Data Analyses 2
CAEP 7720
Advanced Clinical Interventions
CAEP 7732
Legal and Ethical Issues in Community and Educational Settings
CAEP 7741
Advanced Fieldwork 1
CAEP 7742
Advanced Fieldwork 2
CAEP 7743
Advanced Fieldwork 3
CAEP 7744
Advanced Fieldwork 4
CAEP 7750
Biological Bases of Behavior
CAEP 7755
Cognitive and Affective Bases of Behavior
CAEP 7758
Doctoral Seminar in Contemporary Theories of Psychotherapy
CAEP 7798
Doctoral Internship 1
CAEP 7799
Doctoral Internship 2
CAEP 7976
Directed Study
CAEP 8401
Practicum in Counseling Psychology
CAEP 8415
Practicum in School Psychology 1
CAEP 8416
Practicum in School Psychology 2
CAEP 8417
Intensive Practicum in Applied Behavior Analysis 1
CAEP 8418
Intensive Practicum in Applied Behavior Analysis 2
CAEP 8419
Intensive Practicum in Applied Behavior Analysis 3
CAEP 8421
Intensive Practicum in Applied Behavior Analysis 4
CAEP 8501
Internship in School Psychology 1
CAEP 8502
Internship in School Psychology 2
CAEP 8510
Internship in Counseling Psychology 1
CAEP 8511
Internship in Counseling Psychology 2
CAEP 8553
Advanced Counseling Practicum
CAEP 8986
CAEP 9990
Dissertation Term 1
CAEP 9991
Dissertation Term 2
CAEP 9996
Dissertation Continuation