Communication Studies

COMM 1000
Communication Studies at Northeastern
COMM 1101
Introduction to Communication Studies
COMM 1112
Public Speaking
COMM 1113
Business and Professional Speaking
COMM 1120
Principles of Argumentation
COMM 1131
Sex, Relationships, and Communication
COMM 1210
Persuasion and Rhetoric
COMM 1225
Communication Theory
COMM 1231
Principles of Organizational Communication
COMM 1255
Communication in a Digital Age
COMM 1331
Legal Argumentation, Advocacy, and Citizenship
COMM 1412
Social Movement Communication
COMM 1450
Sound Production for Digital Media
COMM 1511
Communication and Storytelling
COMM 1600
Communication Ethics
COMM 2100
Elements of Debate
COMM 2105
Social Networks
COMM 2110
Sports, Media, and Communication
COMM 2131
Dark Side of Interpersonal Communication
COMM 2135
Sex and Interpersonal Communication
COMM 2200
Visual Communication
COMM 2301
Communication Research Methods
COMM 2303
Global and Intercultural Communication
COMM 2304
Communication and Gender
COMM 2350
Producing for the Entertainment Industry
COMM 2500
Analyzing Conversations in Everyday Life
COMM 2501
Communication Law
COMM 2510
Social Media Analytics
COMM 2534
Group Communication
COMM 2550
Television Field Production
COMM 2551
Free Speech in Cyberspace
COMM 2650
The Business of Entertainment
COMM 2655
Television Studio Production
COMM 2700
Sports Promotion in the 21st Century
COMM 2750
Beyond Television
COMM 2800
Sport and Spectacle
COMM 3200
Mobile Communication
COMM 3201
Health Communication
COMM 3230
Interpersonal Communication
COMM 3304
Communication and Inclusion
COMM 3320
Political Communication
COMM 3409
Advocacy Writing
COMM 3415
Communication Criticism
COMM 3445
Public Relations Principles
COMM 3450
Voice-Over Artist
COMM 3500
Environmental Issues, Communication, and the Media
COMM 3501
Free Speech: Law and Practice
COMM 3530
Communication and Sexualities
COMM 3532
Theories of Conflict and Negotiation
COMM 3615
#Black Twitter and Black Digital Culture
COMM 3625
Public Relations Practice
COMM 3750
Special Effects and Postproduction for Television
COMM 3912
ST: The Newsroom
COMM 4102
Health Communication Campaigns
COMM 4530
Communication and Quality of Life
COMM 4535
Nonverbal Social Interaction
COMM 4605
Youth and Communication Technology
COMM 4608
Strategic Communication Capstone
COMM 4625
Online Communities
COMM 4755
Production Capstone
COMM 4901
Seminar in Communications
COMM 4994
Internship in Communication
COMM 6102
Health Communication Campaigns
COMM 6304
Communication and Inclusion
COMM 6500
Environmental Issues, Communication, and Media
COMM 6501
Free Speech: Law and Practice
COMM 6605
Youth and Communication Technology
COMM 6608
Strategic Communication