Information Systems Program

INFO 5001
Application Modeling and Design
INFO 5002
Introduction to Python for Information Systems
INFO 5100
Application Engineering and Development
INFO 5101
Lab for INFO 5100
INFO 6105
Data Science Engineering Methods and Tools
INFO 6150
Web Design and User Experience Engineering
INFO 6205
Program Structure and Algorithms
INFO 6215
Business Analysis and Information Engineering
INFO 6245
Planning and Managing Information Systems Development
INFO 6250
Web Development Tools and Methods
INFO 6251
Lab for INFO 6250
INFO 6255
Software Quality Control and Management
INFO 6350
Smartphones-Based Web Development
INFO 6660
Business Ethics and Intellectual Property for Engineers
INFO 7205
Advanced Application Engineering Project
INFO 7225
Accounting and Budgetary Systems for Engineers
INFO 7245
Agile Software Development
INFO 7250
Engineering of Big-Data Systems
INFO 7255
Advanced Big-Data Applications and Indexing Techniques
INFO 7260
Business Process Engineering
INFO 7285
Organizational Change and IT
INFO 7374
ST:Machine Learning&PythonFina
INFO 7375
Special Topics in Artificial Intelligence Engineering and Applications
INFO 7385
Managerial Communications for Engineers
INFO 7390
Advances in Data Sciences and Architecture
INFO 7500
Cryptocurrency and Smart Contract Engineering
INFO 7510
Smart Contract Application Engineering and Development
INFO 7520
Engineering of Advanced Cryptocurrency Systems
INFO 7525
Regulatory Aspects of Smart Contract Automation
INFO 7535
Digital Smart Contracts Product Innovations
INFO 7610
Special Topics in Natural Language Engineering Methods and Tools
INFO 7978
Independent Study
INFO 7990