NRSG 1000
College: An Introduction
NRSG 1205
NRSG 2000
Professional Development for Co-op
NRSG 2001
Foundations of Professional Nursing Practice
NRSG 2150
Ethical Healthcare: Genetics and Genomics
NRSG 2210
Influences on Health and Illness: A Nursing Perspective
NRSG 2220
Health Assessment and Fundamental Nursing Skills
NRSG 2221
Lab for NRSG 2220
NRSG 2350
Integrated Pathophysiology and Pharmaceutical Interventions for Nursing Practice
NRSG 3302
Nursing with Women and Families
NRSG 3303
Clinical for NRSG 3302
NRSG 3320
Nursing Care of Adults 1
NRSG 3321
Clinical for NRSG 3320
NRSG 3323
Advanced Assessment and Interventions
NRSG 3324
Lab for NRSG 3323
NRSG 3400
Nursing and the Promotion of Mental Health
NRSG 3401
Clinical for NRSG 3400
NRSG 3420
Nursing Care of Adults 2
NRSG 3421
Clinical for NRSG 3420
NRSG 4502
Nursing Care of the Child
NRSG 4503
Clinical for NRSG 4502
NRSG 4604
Public Health Community Nursing
NRSG 4605
Clinical for NRSG 4604
NRSG 4610
Managing and Leading in Healthcare
NRSG 4995
Comprehensive Nursing Practicum
NRSG 4996
Clinical for NRSG 4995
NRSG 4999
Clinical Continuation
NRSG 5000
Advanced Perspectives in Wellness
NRSG 5117
Advanced Pharmacology
NRSG 5118
Healthcare System and Professional Role Development
NRSG 5120
Statistics for Health Science
NRSG 5121
Epidemiology and Population Health
NRSG 5126
Pathophysiology for Advanced Practice
NRSG 5220
Introduction to Research Methods and Application for Healthcare
NRSG 6115
Health Assessment
NRSG 6116
Advanced Health Assessment of the Neonate and Infant
NRSG 6220
Nursing Management: Acute Episodic Illness
NRSG 6221
Nursing Management: Critical and Chronic Illness
NRSG 6222
Pharmacology of Adults and Older Adults
NRSG 6230
Nursing Management: Critically Ill Neonatal 1
NRSG 6232
Neonatal Pharmacology
NRSG 6241
Acute-Care Concepts in Nursing Practice
NRSG 6249
Health Promotion of Adult/Older Adult
NRSG 6253
Primary Care of Adult/Older Adult Health Problems
NRSG 6254
Primary Care of Adult/Older Adult Complex Patients
NRSG 6262
Pediatric Pharmacology
NRSG 6264
Care of Well Child/Adolescent Health Promotion
NRSG 6265
Care of Child/Adolescent Health Problems
NRSG 6267
Care of the Critically Ill Child
NRSG 6275
Health Promotion and Preventative Care in Pediatrics in the Context of Community Health
NRSG 6281
Dimensions of Clinical Practice
NRSG 6282
Clinical Psychopharmacology
NRSG 6283
Psychobiological Bases of Mental Disorders
NRSG 6286
Contemporary Psychotherapies—Theory and Practice
NRSG 6287
Child and Adolescent Psychopharmacology
NRSG 6288
Geriatric and Aging Adult Psychopharmacology
NRSG 6300
Healthcare Finance and Marketing
NRSG 6302
Health Policy and Law
NRSG 6341
Teaching Nursing: The Art and Science
NRSG 6390
Family Care of the Adult/Older Adult Patient
NRSG 6391
Practicum for NRSG 6390
NRSG 6392
Family Theory
NRSG 6393
Family Care of the Pediatric and Adolescent Patient
NRSG 6394
Practicum for NRSG 6393
NRSG 6395
Healthcare of Women in Family Practice
NRSG 6396
Practicum for NRSG 6395
NRSG 6420
Adult-Gerontology Acute-Care Nursing Practicum 1
NRSG 6421
Adult-Gerontology Acute-Care Nursing Practicum 2
NRSG 6422
Adult-Gerontology Acute-Care Nursing Practicum 3
NRSG 6430
Neonatal Clinical Practicum 1
NRSG 6432
Neonatal Clinical Practicum 3
NRSG 6449
Health Promotion of Adult/Older Adult Practicum
NRSG 6450
Adult/Older Adult Practicum 1
NRSG 6451
Adult/Older Adult Practicum 2
NRSG 6460
Care of Well Child/Adolescent Health Promotion Practicum
NRSG 6461
Child/Adolescent Health Problems Practicum
NRSG 6480
Psychiatric Practicum across the Life Span 1
NRSG 6481
Psychiatric Practicum across the Life Span 2
NRSG 6964
Co-op Work Experience
NRSG 6999
Clinical Continuation
NRSG 7105
Translating Research Evidence into Practice
NRSG 7110
Evidence-Based Practice Research Application
NRSG 7503
Pharmacotherapeutics in Anesthesia and Critical Care Nursing
NRSG 7506
Applied Chemistry, Physics, and Cardiopulmonary Physiology of Anesthesia
NRSG 7523
Conceptual Basis of Nurse Anesthesia Practice 2
NRSG 7526
Conceptual Basis of Nurse Anesthesia Practice 3
NRSG 7533
Nurse Anesthesia Practicum 2
NRSG 7536
Nurse Anesthesia Practicum 3
NRSG 7543
Advanced Clinical Experiences in Nurse Anesthesia 2
NRSG 7546
Advanced Clinical Experiences in Nurse Anesthesia 3
NRSG 7712
Quantitative Research Methods
NRSG 7715
Measurement in Clinical Research
NRSG 7755
Intervention Research: Development, Implementation, and Evaluation
NRSG 7770
Research Colloquium
NRSG 7920
The Steps to Practice Inquiry: Analyze, Evaluate, Synthesize, and Apply the Evidence
NRSG 7921
DNP Scholarly Project 1: Design and Ethical Consideration of Practice Application
NRSG 7922
DNP Scholarly Project 2: Applying Practice Knowledge—Implementation/Outcomes
NRSG 7923
DNP Scholarly Project 3: Dissemination of Practice Inquiry
NRSG 7924
Applied Epidemiology for Advanced Nursing
NRSG 9845
Dissertation Seminar 1
NRSG 9846
Dissertation Seminar 2
NRSG 9984
NRSG 9990
Dissertation Term 1
NRSG 9996
Dissertation Continuation