PHIL 1000
Philosophy at Northeastern
PHIL 1101
Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 1102
Introduction to Contemporary Moral Issues
PHIL 1110
Introduction to Religious Studies
PHIL 1112
Debating Ethical Controversies
PHIL 1115
Introduction to Logic
PHIL 1130
Comparative Ethics
PHIL 1145
Technology and Human Values
PHIL 1160
Introduction to Economic Justice
PHIL 1165
Moral and Social Problems in Healthcare
PHIL 1170
Business, Ethics, and Human Rights
PHIL 1180
Environmental Ethics
PHIL 1185
The Ethics of Food
PHIL 1195
Research Ethics
PHIL 1260
Apocalypticism in Film
PHIL 1271
Sex in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
PHIL 1275
Hinduism, Buddhism, and Beyond
PHIL 1280
Islam: Rituals, Traditions, and Debates
PHIL 1290
Chinese Philosophy and Religion
PHIL 1300
Knowledge in a Digital World
PHIL 1666
The Problem of Evil in Film
PHIL 2016
The Philosophy and Ethics of Lying and Deception
PHIL 2143
Philosophy for Children
PHIL 2155
Human Rights
PHIL 2230
Music and Religion
PHIL 2259
Sex, Gender, and Judaism
PHIL 2303
Social and Political Philosophy
PHIL 2325
Ancient Philosophy and Political Thought
PHIL 2330
Modern Philosophy
PHIL 2390
Cults and Sects
PHIL 2991
Research Practicum
PHIL 3000
Interdisciplinary Methods for Politics, Philosophy, and Economics
PHIL 3050
Information and Uncertainty
PHIL 3100
The Religious Worlds of Boston: Faith and Devotion in Urban Life
PHIL 3305
Philosophy of Emotions
PHIL 3343
PHIL 3360
Scientific Approaches to Philosophy
PHIL 3435
Moral Philosophy
PHIL 3500
Sexuality, Gender, and the Law
PHIL 4500
Theory of Knowledge
PHIL 4510
Philosophy of Science
PHIL 4535
Philosophy of Mind
PHIL 4550
Philosophy of Economics
PHIL 4901
Topics in Philosophy Seminar
PHIL 4903
Seminar in Religion
PHIL 4992
Directed Study
PHIL 5001
Global Justice
PHIL 5005
Information Ethics
PHIL 5010
AI Ethics