Public Health

PHTH 1260
The American Healthcare System
PHTH 1270
Introduction to Global Health
PHTH 2210
Foundations of Biostatistics
PHTH 2211
Recitation for PHTH 2210
PHTH 2300
Communication Skills for the Health Professions
PHTH 2350
Community and Public Health
PHTH 2414
Environmental Health
PHTH 2515
Healthcare Policy and Administration
PHTH 3250
Fundamentals of Qualitative Research
PHTH 4120
Global Perspectives on Discrimination and Health
PHTH 4202
Principles of Epidemiology in Medicine and Public Health
PHTH 4511
Healthcare Management
PHTH 4540
Health Education and Program Planning
PHTH 5120
Race, Ethnicity, and Health in the United States
PHTH 5202
Introduction to Epidemiology
PHTH 5210
Biostatistics in Public Health
PHTH 5212
Public Health Administration and Policy
PHTH 5214
Environmental Health
PHTH 5222
Health Advocacy
PHTH 5226
Strategic Management and Leadership in Healthcare
PHTH 5230
Global Health
PHTH 5232
Evaluating Healthcare Quality
PHTH 5234
Economic Perspectives on Health Policy
PHTH 5300
Project Management in Public Health
PHTH 5310
Budget Principles in Public Health
PHTH 5320
Grant Writing in Public Health
PHTH 5540
Health Education and Program Planning
PHTH 6200
Principles and History of Urban Health
PHTH 6202
Intermediate Epidemiology
PHTH 6204
Society, Behavior, and Health
PHTH 6208
Urban Community Health Assessment
PHTH 6210
Applied Regression Analysis
PHTH 6224
Social Epidemiology
PHTH 6320
Qualitative Methods in Health and Illness
PHTH 6400
Principles of Population Health 1
PHTH 6410
Principles of Population Health 2
PHTH 6440
Advanced Methods in Biostatistics
PHTH 6800
Causal Inference in Public Health Research
PHTH 6910
Public Health Capstone
PHTH 6966
PHTH 8984
PHTH 8986
PHTH 9990
Dissertation Term 1
PHTH 9991
Dissertation Term 2
PHTH 9996
Dissertation Continuation