Political Science

POLS 1000
Political Science at Northeastern
POLS 1150
American Government
POLS 1155
Comparative Politics
POLS 1160
International Relations
POLS 2282
The Holocaust and Comparative Genocide
POLS 2325
Ancient Philosophy and Political Thought
POLS 2328
Modern Political Thought
POLS 2333
Politics and Film
POLS 2345
Urban Policies and Politics
POLS 2358
Current Issues in Cities and Suburbs
POLS 2359
Immigration Politics
POLS 2390
Science, Technology, and Public Policy
POLS 2395
Environmental Politics and Policy
POLS 2399
Research Methods in Political Science
POLS 2400
Quantitative Techniques
POLS 3100
Gender, Social Justice, and Transnational Activism
POLS 3160
Campaign Strategy
POLS 3300
The U.S. Congress
POLS 3302
Judicial Process and Behavior
POLS 3307
Public Policy and Administration
POLS 3309
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Issues in Public Policy
POLS 3310
Public Opinion, Voting, and Elections
POLS 3320
Politics and Mass Media
POLS 3323
Race, Inequality, and the Law
POLS 3324
Law and Society
POLS 3405
International Political Economy
POLS 3406
International Law
POLS 3418
POLS 3420
U.S. National Security Policy
POLS 3423
Terrorism and Counterterrorism
POLS 3425
U.S. Foreign Policy
POLS 3430
Revolution, Civil War, and Insurrection
POLS 3455
Russian Foreign Policy
POLS 3465
Government and Politics in the Middle East
POLS 3485
China: Governance and Foreign Policy
POLS 3500
Sexuality, Gender, and the Law
POLS 4500
U.S. Constitutional Law
POLS 4505
U.S. Civil Liberties
POLS 4701
Political Science Senior Capstone
POLS 4910
Model United Nations
POLS 4915
Model Arab League
POLS 4942
Internship in Politics
POLS 5408
International Security
POLS 6964
Co-op Work Experience
POLS 7204
Seminar in Public Policy
POLS 7206
Seminar in Comparative Politics
POLS 7207
Seminar in International Relations
POLS 7334
Social Networks
POLS 7341
Security and Resilience Policy
POLS 7343
POLS 7346
Resilient Cities
POLS 7357
International Political Economy
POLS 7976
Directed Study
POLS 7980
Capstone Project
POLS 8407
POLS 8960
Exam Preparation—Doctoral
POLS 9986
POLS 9990
Dissertation Term 1
POLS 9991
Dissertation Term 2
POLS 9996
Dissertation Continuation