Pub Policy and Urban Affairs

PPUA 5100
Climate and Development
PPUA 5225
The Open Classroom: Public Debates on Public Policy
PPUA 5226
Open Classroom Recitation
PPUA 5230
Housing Policy
PPUA 5231
Transportation Policy
PPUA 5232
Immigration and Urban America
PPUA 5235
Participatory Community Planning Methods
PPUA 5238
Climate Change and Global Urbanization
PPUA 5239
Problems in Metropolitan Policymaking
PPUA 5240
Health Policy and Politics
PPUA 5244
Comparative Public Policy and Administration
PPUA 5249
Sustainable Urban Coastal Policy
PPUA 5260
Ecological Economics
PPUA 5261
Dynamic Modeling for Environmental Decision Making
PPUA 5262
Big Data for Cities
PPUA 5263
Geographic Information Systems for Urban and Regional Policy
PPUA 5264
Energy Democracy and Climate Resilience: Technology, Policy, and Social Change
PPUA 5266
Urban Theory and Science
PPUA 5267
Climate Policy and Justice
PPUA 5268
International Environmental Policy
PPUA 5270
Food Systems and Public Policy
PPUA 5390
ST: Challenges for Local Govt
PPUA 5976
Directed Study
PPUA 5984
PPUA 6101
Environmental Science and Policy Seminar 1
PPUA 6201
The 21st-Century City: Urban Opportunities and Challenges in a Global Context
PPUA 6202
Research Toolkit for Python for Policy
PPUA 6212
Research Toolkit for Urban and Regional Policy: Project Management
PPUA 6216
Research Toolkit for Urban and Regional Policy: Grant Writing
PPUA 6410
Urban Informatics Portfolio
PPUA 6500
Principles of Public Administration
PPUA 6502
Economic Analysis for Policy and Planning
PPUA 6503
Managing People in Public and Nonprofit Sectors
PPUA 6505
Public Budgeting and Financial Management
PPUA 6506
Techniques of Policy Analysis
PPUA 6507
Institutional Leadership and the Public Manager
PPUA 6509
Techniques of Program Evaluation
PPUA 6522
Administrative Ethics and Public Management
PPUA 6530
State and Local Public Finance
PPUA 6532
Building Resilience into Local Government
PPUA 6551
Nonprofit Organizations and Social Change
PPUA 6552
The Nonprofit Sector in Civil Society and Public Affairs
PPUA 6861
PPUA 6862
Internship with Research
PPUA 6954
Co-op Work Experience - Half-Time
PPUA 6964
Co-op Work Experience
PPUA 6965
Co-op Work Experience Abroad
PPUA 6966
PPUA 7237
Advanced Spatial Analysis of Urban Systems
PPUA 7346
Resilient Cities
PPUA 7521
Seminar in Urban Theory
PPUA 7673
Capstone in Public Policy and Urban Affairs
PPUA 7976
Directed Study
PPUA 8966
PPUA 8986
PPUA 9990
Dissertation Term 1
PPUA 9991
Dissertation Term 2
PPUA 9996
Dissertation Continuation