Packing list #

Furniture #

All dorm rooms come with 1-3 beds, desks, dressers, and closets.

Apartments come with bathrooms and kitchens (or smaller kitchenettes) and may include a living room. These come with a dining table, 4 chairs, and a sofa.

Dimensions #

Freshmen housing #

Freshmen housing is assigned before the Fall semester, and doesn't change until after the Spring semester. For example, if you were assigned to be in White Hall as a freshman, you will stay in White Hall for the Fall and Spring semester.

Freshmen may be assigned traditional (like White Hall) or suite-style dorms.

NUin #

NUin students will stay abroad their first semester (Fall semester), then move to campus in the Spring semester. They may be assigned to traditional dorms, suite-style dorms, or event apartments.

Before the end of the NUin semester, a preference form is released where you rate your preference between traditional, suite-style, and apartments. The earlier you accepted your NUin offer, the better your chances of getting your desired housing are. If you accepted your NUin offer and confirmed your location the day the locations were released, you have a much better chance of getting assigned your first choice of housing.

View more on the NUin program page.


In a double/triple, who gets which bed? #

Beds are not assigned, so it's first-come first-serve. You may want to talk to your roommate(s) about this first though.

Am I allowed to stay on campus over the winter? #

For upperclassment, yes if you have a coninuing contract.

For freshmen, it depends. Please contact housing.

How do I make a work request if I am not on campus? #

If you are not connected to NUWave, connect to the VPN to make a work request.

Are LED lights allowed? #

Decorative lights are not allowed in traditional and suite-style dorms (See Room Policies > Electrical Appliances).

However, students bring them anyway and remove them before RA checks.

How many guests can I bring? #

Up to three guests at a time, and they may stay up to three consecutive nights.

While there is technically a three-day restriction on guests, RAs usually completely ignore this if all people in said dorm are in agreement with the guest being there. Obviously you can't overdo it and treat someone's dorm as a semi-permanent home, but regardless the three-day limit is arbitrary.