About #

NU Accelerate is a pre-college program for early decision students to complete up to 2 courses prior to starting university. These courses can be completed for free (no program fees) virtually and asynchronously.

It is recommended to complete these one course in the Spring, and the other in the Summer before joining Northeastern University. The expected time commitment for a 4-credit course is around 7-9 hours per week.

Courses #

To find a list of courses you can complete, look for the "Course Catalog" links on the NU Accelerate website.

To receive credit for these courses, a grade of C or above is required. The courses will be listed as transfer credit on the university transcript. These courses do not count towards the GPA.

Completing the 2 courses is highly recommended as it is free and also gives a head start in credits. Those with more course credits get earlier time slots to select courses for future semesters.