NUin Program

About #

The NUin program is a program for freshmen in which they study abroad (in a satellite campus) for their first semester. The locations are listed on the website. Students come to campus in the spring, after which they are considered regular students. The fees of the first semester abroad is usually higher in comparison to the fees of a normal semester.

Locations #

Please see a list of locations on the official website. The locations offer may vary depending on the year.

You must pick a location compatible with your major. There may be other factors that determine your ability for a location. For instance, for England, you have to turn 18 before the semester starts. View all eligibility requirements on the website.

If you are final with your location, confirm it early as there is a cap on the location's capacity.

Housing #

Again, different locations have different housing styles. Please view the chart.

Courses #

A few months before the semester starting, a document containing a list of courses offered at your NUin location will be released. This document will be available on the NUin Academics page.

NUin students use Banner to choose classes, although you may be pre-registered for certain major-required classes (for example, you will be pre-registered for CS 2500, CS 2501, and CS 1800 if you're a computer science major).

Depending on your major, you may not be eligible for certain locations.

The courses you take during the NUin semester are pass-fail. This means that you will get credits for the course as long as your final grade for the course is a C or above. Since the classes are pass-fail, your NUin GPA does not count towards your actual GPA. Your NUin courses will be listed as transfer credit on your transcript.

Cost #

Unfortunately, it's really expensive. View this information on the costs and payments page. In 2022, the cost was $28,000 for tuition + $9,750 for the program.

You may check your Northeastern E-bill to view the total amount you are required to pay.


Please also see the official FAQ.

Why was a I accepted into NUin? #

It is (was) rumored that students accepted into NUin were ranked at the bottom in comparison to the rest of the incoming class. Northeastern wants you to attend their college, but doesn't want your statistics on the college acceptance rate and rankings.

Students accepted into the NUin program (and other programs like NUBound too) are not listed in the acceptance rankings as they are not on the main Boston campus in the semester. By sending more students to NUin, Northeastern's acceptance rate goes up.

But in the recent years, many smart students (high GPA, great ECs) have been accepted into NUin. So it seems that if you're rich and are able to pay for the more expensive NUin program, Northeastern will accept you into the NUin program.

Another reason is also that Northeastern has become crowded in the past few years, so there is not enough space for so many freshmen.

Can I escape NUin? #


How do reduce my chances of getting accepted into the NUin program? #

In the Common App, there's a question asking if you would prefer to spend time studying abroad. Say no. Do note regardless of your answer to this question, Northeastern may still send you for the NUin program.